I love karaoke, interpretive dance, and poetry—in that order. With earnestness.

I have this daydream that on my fortieth birthday Amy Grant will show up at my house wearing that  from her Unguarded tour and she will have brought an extra jacket for me! And then all my friends from my entire life of living in the four corners of the USA will arrive by bus and Amy Grant and I will perform TOGTHER all her best songs on a stage on the beach (Pacific Ocean) at sunset. (No, not “Old Man’s Rubble,” people.) And she and I will be best friends from then on because we get each other, you know?

There are other things I should mention here.  When the people come to hear Amy and me perform they’ll be coming from: Texas (Amarillo, Abilene, Austin), my home state, where springtime thunderstorms are still the loveliest smell I’ve ever known.  Syracuse, where I spent the three coldest winters I hope I ever endure and where I learned to love the liturgy and cling to the hope of Shalom. Philadelphia, where I lived my early years of marriage, learned the richness of the gospel, and where some of the best humans in the whole world still reside. And San Francisco, the most beautiful city on the earth, even when it’s foggy. San Francisco is where I’ve come to believe that the world and its people are desperately cracked and heartbreakingly gorgeous. Always at the same time.

I’m an urban-dweller. No one’s more surprised by this than I am.  I’m a former youth minister who will love high school and college students forever and ever.

I’m a word monger/collector. I’m a mom of three little boys, including our newest addition, . I’m a wife of a very tall, handsome fellow, who brews a cup of coffee like an artist and sings Lionel Richie love karaoke duets with me.

I’m a lover of Jesus and a keeper of questions. Sometimes the love and the questions rage and Jesus loves me anyway.

I wrote a book called  that tells the story of all these things: the places and the people and the raging doubt and hope of a God who always finds us.

I’m passionate about monasticism and ancient Christian spiritual practices and how they inform the contemporary life of faith. I want to talk about this with you at the park while I’m pushing my kid on the swing.

Or over a cup of coffee while it rains outside. Or sitting on the beach in the sunshine.

Or here. Can we talk about it here?

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