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10 life lessons I can rely on during these troubling times

  Hello? Hi readers. I miss you. I miss blogging. I miss writing. Some day I'll come back and I'll tell you all about ...


An invitation to breastfeed in church (and stop fighting about it)

Vera Lair | Stocksy United   Back in 2014, the Pope surprised a lot of folks when he encouraged some mothers ...


How small talk can form lasting relationships

  For those of us who dread chit chat about the details of potty training. For those of us who cannot handle discussing ...


Hospitality and the Secret Power of Weakness

I'm taking a break from my Not Writing Anything and sharing on Grace Table a little nugget of what I've been learning and thinking about this summer.   "We as a humanity are obsessed with power. The sorrows, the tragedies of this summer might as well be narrowed down to the powerful, the ...


On Feeding Imperfectly: Hard-earned Hospitality and Motherhood

Two posts in one week! I know, right? Today I'm over at GraceTable sharing about my long-journey into the kitchen and how--though I am not a natural cook--feeding my children has become a liturgy of grace in my life. Not all the good things we spend are lives doing come easy. In fact, plenty of them ...


You, me, and Leigh: What living with my single friend has taught me (and my family) about friendship and unexpected blessings.

    This is my friend, Leigh. She's also my roommate. Today I have a new piece up at For Her about what it's looked like and what I've learned by having a single friend live with me and my family for the past year. Spoiler Alert: I think that when families and single people live ...


The Day I Won the Lottery

    Happy World Down Syndrome Day from Ace! Today I have the honor of sharing what I wrote for Aleteia's For Her magazine about what World Down Syndrome Day means to me, almost one year after our little guy's birth.   If I could write . . . [to] my pregnant self, the ...