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The Internal Frantic Monster (Or, My Addiction to the Egg Timer)

When I was in 3rd grade, I took my mom’s white mechanical egg timer (with one of those old-school dials that turned and ticked) ...

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FOUND discussion over at SheLoves today

    All month, my friends over at SheLoves Magazine have been reading and discussing Found. Today Osheta Moore is ...

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Cultivate: Choosing Love & Humility Over Rightness, or When Resurrection is Our Story

I could say that my silence here has been because I’ve been “busy.” And that would be true, at least partially. Busy covers ...

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How The Examen Empowers Us to Pray and Write

Ed Cyzewski's writing is always thoughtful and gracious and challenging, and I love that his newest book is one that considers the disciplines of prayer and writing together. What a beautiful idea. When he approached me asking if I'd like to host his thoughts on how he uses the Prayer of Examen both ...


Found at SheLoves Book Club!

I've had the privilege of writing a couple of times over at SheLoves Magazine, one of my favorite online spots, a space packed full of gifted women and rich writing. And I'm thrilled that SheLoves has chosen Found as its Red Couch Book Club book for the month of March!  If you haven't yet read ...


Cultivate the deep, cultivate the simple

“Life is deep and simple, and what our society gives us shallow and complicated.” Fred Rogers said that. As in Mister. As in the fire engine red cardigan and the songs about neighbors. And I’ve been ruminating on those words this past month. Complicated. How often do I use that word in my ...

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My very last Deeper Story post

  As you may or may not know, A Deeper Story is closing its doors this month. It's the right thing for the site, but it's bittersweet. Through Deeper Story, I've found a sweet community of writers, and I've had a space to tell an ongoing story, month after month, about "how church is hard ...