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Cultivate the deep, cultivate the simple

“Life is deep and simple, and what our society gives us shallow and complicated.” Fred Rogers said that. As in Mister. As in ...

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My very last Deeper Story post

  As you may or may not know, A Deeper Story is closing its doors this month. It's the right thing for the site, but it's ...


The Ashes and the Being Made Whole

I published this piece two years ago at A Deeper Story, but I've never shared its entirety over here. Today is Ash Wednesday: let's ...

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  Tamara Hill Murphy is a blogger and friend of mine from our days together at Christ Church in Austin. She is also a wonderful blogger who writes about the "Sacramental Life" and living intentionally through the Christian seasons. She has such a creative mind and comes to these things in ...


One Word 2015: Cultivate

I know, you’re supposed to pick your word for the year during the first week of January. That week I was on vacation and taking naps. Well, then you’re supposed to pick your word for the year the second week of January. Sorry. I was unpacking and putting away clothes and organizing all the ...


The Tightly Stitched Gathering of God

“Payton,” I say, “I was baptized when I was seven, too.” In my memories I don’t see myself—the permed blonde frizz on my head, the teeth too big for my skinny face, the courage I must have held to have chosen such a thing at such an age.What I remember is the room of believers who ...

Thankful Tuesday

Thankful Tuesday: Dragon DNA and Life Plans

  My boys on the way to church on Sunday:   A: Brooksie, when I'm a rock star your kids can come to my show. B: Okay. Me: Brooksie, are you going to be a daddy when you grow up? B: Yeah. A: I'm not. Because I'm not getting married. I'm going to be a really good ...