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Delight: My One-Word for 2016 (and an announcement)

You are a delight. We say that to Ace, the baby who seems remarkably gifted at sweetness. I say it while I tickle him or while he ...


Wednesday: Ashes and Death

I wrote this post five (FIVE!) years ago when I was pregnant with Brooksie, now a little boy who is making some extravagant plans ...


Why ‘Receive’ Should Have Been My Word in 2015

Cultivate was my word for 2015, a year that was probably the most challenging of my life. I didn’t write about that word, ...


This is how we love each other

There should always be homemade Chex mix on the counter, in a twenty year old Tupperware dish. Also, there should be my 94-year-old grandmother Deenie’s peanut patties (dyed red with food coloring, made with corn syrup) available to all. Speaking of red food coloring, I have to mention ...


To Ace, after his baptism

  Ace Christopher, As I write this you are on the floor wiggling around, rolling from tummy to back and back to tummy. You’ve got your eye on a red ball and have been trying to decide if it’s worth the hard work of scooting yourself over to it. After all, your little navy booties are ...

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God has a surprise for you (Guest post at Her.menuetics)

Today I'm sharing the story of my prenatal diagnosis of Ace's Down syndrome, which I received exactly one year ago this week. I've been thinking about as my own "annunciation" of sorts, God showing up and letting me know that my life was about to change, all because of one little baby. Sound ...


LectioCasting and Advent

Hey readers! It's officially Advent. I'll be back with some words on the season soon. But for now I'm directing you to my friend Daniel Kirk's lectionary podcast (aka "LectioCast"). Daniel is a New Testament scholar, author, and blogger. Each week on his podcast he chats with someone else ...