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How I became a Benedictine spirituality nerd: An interview

This past week I traveled to Abilene, Texas to speak at Hardin-Simmons University (my alma mater). While I was there I had the ...


My Slower-Paced Blog

A few weeks ago, I only published one post on this blog (for the whole week). At any other point in my four-year “career” of ...


Learning from Heroines of the Faith: The Little Way

It is a joy to have Michelle DeRusha here today. Her memoir Spiritual Misfit released around the same time as mine, and I found in ...


An Invitation to Choose the Better Thing

This morning I sat in my bed and listened to one of my favorite podcasts, Pray As You Go. On the crazy mornings, the ones where I don’t wake up early enough (read: 5:45) to pray in the quiet and I feel the sting of leaving the house at 7:15 to get the kids to school (WHY? WHY DO WE LEAVE THE ...

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A meditation for a Friday

  Lord God almighty, I ask not to be enrolled amongst the early great and rich, but to be numbered with the spiritually blessed. Make it my present, supreme, persevering concern to obtain those blessings which are spiritual in their nature, eternal in their continuance, satisfying in their ...

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Second Simplicity (sharing my story at Amy Peterson’s blog)

  Amy Peterson is a kindred soul out here in the internet, and I'm grateful she invited me to be part of a series of guest posts she's hosting on the growing up of faith. I was invited to share a moment in my life when my confident answers turned to questions, when I moved from naive faith ...


“Extending hospitality to the Word of God”: Talking Bible reading and quiet times with Heather Caliri

  My blogging friend Heather Caliri is making plans to release her new ebook, Unquiet Time: A Devotional for the Rest of Us, on October 15. As she gets closer to her release date, she's inviting some friends around the web to share a little of their scripture reading habits and how we ...