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Jesus in Real Life (A repost for Halloween)

Happy Halloween, people! This is a repost from two years ago, when August was a tiny little preschooler. It's still one of my ...


One Day 2014

For the second year in a row I joined blogger Hollywood Housewife in her annual Instagram phenomenon #OneDayHH, a day in which ...

church reflected

Deacons and Elders and Me

In the church of my childhood they were all called deacons. The men who met once a month to lead the work of the church. Some ...


How I became a Benedictine spirituality nerd: An interview

This past week I traveled to Abilene, Texas to speak at Hardin-Simmons University (my alma mater). While I was there I had the chance to share a bit of my story with blogger and church history professor, Kelly Pigott. You can click over to his site to watch a bit of that video interview: How I ...


My Slower-Paced Blog

A few weeks ago, I only published one post on this blog (for the whole week). At any other point in my four-year “career” of blogging, I would have given myself a good long pep-talk, stayed up late, pushed through, and made something happen. I would not have let one post sit lonely on the home ...


Learning from Heroines of the Faith: The Little Way

It is a joy to have Michelle DeRusha here today. Her memoir Spiritual Misfit released around the same time as mine, and I found in her easy humor and gentle faith a kindred-friend in this spiritual journey. She recently released another book, 50 Women Every Christian Should Know: Learning from ...


An Invitation to Choose the Better Thing

This morning I sat in my bed and listened to one of my favorite podcasts, Pray As You Go. On the crazy mornings, the ones where I don’t wake up early enough (read: 5:45) to pray in the quiet and I feel the sting of leaving the house at 7:15 to get the kids to school (WHY? WHY DO WE LEAVE THE ...