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Good words for Thanksgiving

  "It is impossible to give thanks and simultaneously feel fear." -Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts   "[The] dinner party ...


What I’m Into – Fall 2015

It's been a few months since I linked up with the lovely Leigh Kramer's What I'm Into monthly posts. I can't pull it together to share ...

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Jesus in real life: A repost for Halloween

I wrote this post three years ago. And it remains one of those conversations with my son that I think about often. Especially at ...


On Belonging, and the Buddy Walk

When I got the prenatal diagnosis for Ace's Down syndrome I felt a strong sense of separation. I was no longer a typical mother raising typical kids. I was different. My husband was different. Our family was somehow other. This wasn't something I worried about for long. From the beginning ...


When God Meets Us in the Wilderness

My friend Amber Haines released her book Wild in the Hollow this past summer. That Amber Haines can write gorgeous sentences. And her book's theme of how our desires point to the kingdom we serve has challenged me to go back to another friend's book. Jen Pollock Michel's Teach Us to Want is about ...


To the new parents of a child with special needs

Dear new parents of a child with special needs, I saw your Facebook post. Congratulations! The way I see it you had two deliveries yesterday: One was bringing your baby into this world. The other was telling the Internet that your baby is different. Both require deep courage. You delivered ...


When the promises are in the distance, waiting to be welcomed home

  We’re way behind schedule when we walk in the door and I call out a litany of frantic mother phrases, “Shoes off! Hands washed! August-do-your-reading-for-ten-minutes!” while I lay Ace on the quilt in the living room and toss a couple of toys his way before starting ...