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Cultivate Blessing

  “I am saying that the world needs you to do this, because there is a real shortage of people willing to kneel wherever ...


So much we pray in so few words

We lean over the pack-n-play travel crib in a dark room at their grandfather’s house. August is a newly minted seven year old ...


What I’m Into: M(P)aternity Leave/Ace Edition

[caption id="attachment_9934" align="aligncenter" width="582"] Ace asleep in the cradle my grandfather made me[/caption] So, if I ...


Cultivate Space (for the Sweet Mercy)

  I've basically been gone from this blog for, um, around eight weeks. (Except for when I introduced you to my main squeeze, Ace.) Let’s call it a maternity leave. In my former blogging life I would have shed a lot of tears, frantically paced the floor over the amount of unwritten ...


Pregnancy, And What Really Matters

Today I'm upending my self-imposed maternity leave with a piece over at Her.Meneutics about my pregnancy with Ace. Throughout my pregnancy I thought a lot about the things people say to pregnant women. Things that aren't a big deal unless there's reason to be worried. ("How's the pregnancy going?" ...

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This is Ace

  Dear Reader, This is Ace. Ace Christopher Evans. He's named Ace after Batman's dog. At least that's what August (our six year old) told us a couple of months ago after we'd already been referring to him as "Ace" in the womb for months. Back in November, August had finally given us ...

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Rituals: Paying Attention to the Setting Sun

It was January when we moved into our house over a year ago. We’d lived in San Francisco for close to four years already, but we’d mostly avoided the Outer Sunset District, a neighborhood known for soul-less square houses and tiny front yards paved over into driveways. San Francisco is a city ...