Work, Study, Rest & Play: The Art of Simple Podcast


I have loved Tsh Oxenreider since I read three years ago. And her site is inspiring and challenging to my always-trying, but not quite simply-organized self.

Last spring I had the chance to meet her in real life when she came through San Francisco on tour for her newest book . I came to her coffee shop q&a as a fan girl planning to hide in the dark corner until it was time to have her sign my copy of her book and force her to take a selfie with me. So, imagine my surprise when she said hi to me and told the room that she was reading my book. Her generosity was and is a great gift.

When she asked me to be a guest on her podcast, I squealed a little and tried not to bite my fingernails, and did some pushups to pump me up beforehand. (Just kidding about the pushups part. Actually, I just ate dark chocolate to pump me up. It works the same and it’s much more fun.) She’s on a world tour right now with her family (which you should definitely be following on …so cool.) so she called me on a Saturday in Australia, which was a Friday night in San Francisco. Don’t you love the internet sometimes?

We talked about the back story of , my current obsession with books about time and rest, what Hemingway would’ve tweeted if Twitter had been available. (Glory for the lack of Twitter for Hemingway.) And how I can’t seem to stop watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. (I blame my pregnancy.)

If you want to have a listen, you can find it . Or you can listen below.





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  • I deeply enjoyed your interview with Tsh. I have been a long time reader of the Art of Simple and a listener to her podcast. Your story resonated for me to my core. I could relate with so many of those moments you faced upon becoming a mother. I too feel like I am walking the same trek you are in terms of finding the time and space to be thankful, have silence, and have prayer- all while being gracious in my efforts as a mother and embracing motherhood. Thank you so much for sharing your story more. I am off to purchase your book. Also, I hear ya about the weather in SF! I live just outside of the city and am often baffled by our chilly summers and oddly warm winters. Oh, and what is up with it raining at my house and not raining down the street? Micro-climates are nuts!