What I’m Into – Fall 2015

It’s been a few months since I linked up with the lovely Leigh Kramer’s monthly posts. I can’t pull it together to share all my things with you every month, but here are a few of my favorites from the past few:


Favorite Instagram

Ace’s legwarmers for the win! Why are baby thigh rolls so extremely wonderful?

Favorite Post



Still watching West Wing on Netflix. I’ve made it Season 6, and though I’m committed till the end, I’m beginning to believe the people who say . Will I make it to the end? I just don’t know. I keep holding out hope.

Also, I’m faithfully watching Nashville, even though it is REDONKULOUS as always, but getting more ridiculous this season. I mean, that fall off the building last week? Who out there actually laughed out loud? And then felt terrible about it? (Hand raised.)

BEST NEW SHOW: Y’all, I’m loving . It has the same kind of joy and fun and whimsy that I loved in and . (Both shows that were taken away from us and it was not fair.) This is a show for all of you lovers of sweet story lines and amazing musical numbers that I can’t even explain because I get too giddy talking about it.

And, that’s it, folks. I am only watching three shows right now. I’m telling you, this three kid thing is taking up a lot of my time.



Last month I finally saw  and I loved it. I’m still thinking about it. Chris and I also forced ourselves to stay awake long enough to watch a movie after trick-or-treating Saturday night. We rented , which I thought was hysterical. My husband was only semi-convinced. But I think everything Melissa McCarthy does is amazing. (It’s my deep-rooted Gilmore Girls love that gives Sookie and unfair advantage in anything.)

[Wait. TIME OUT. Did I mention how excited I am about the  reboot? Dreams are coming true. Rainbows are exploding.]

So I think I’ve only watched two movies in the last five months. So sorry for my lameness. I really do try.



August has been listening to on cd from the library. Which means so have I. (I love that he’s getting old enough to love some of the books I love! He keeps telling me things about HP and I’ll respond with the correct terminology, or knowing what a Nimbus 2000 is and he’s like, “How do you know this stuff, mom?” He still doesn’t believe that I actually loved these books first.)

Brooksie still loves listening to on cd from the library and he’s finally branching out to the  as well. Audio books have been changing our lives in this house. Listening to books makes weekend rest times actually doable. And it makes picking up their room / doing chores bearable as well. And I love that they’re getting obsessed with stories.

Music: Not a lot to report on the music front. (Since all my listening time seems to be spent with children who are listening to books.) But several weeks ago the band at our church performed “” from The Brilliance and it blew my mind. Since then I’ve had on repeat. So good.

Also, I’m so excited for . I preordered mine and it releases in a few days. If you haven’t heard their music yet, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Books I Read

Sarah Bessey’s new book is a beautiful book about the challenge and beauty and hope of going through a faith-deconstruction. Here’s what I said about it in my endorsement:

“Sarah Bessey writes with the fire of a preacher and the soul of a mother, critical thought without cynicism. This book is for all of us wonderers who long for Jesus and distrust easy answers. Sarah is a brave and faithful guide as we all learn to live the questions.”

I also just finished Seth Haines’ debut book , about his first ninety days of sobriety. This isn’t just a book about alcoholism, but about pain, and whatever it is we use to numb it. I found this book gorgeously written and thought provoking. So much I’m still chewing on.

Last month I finally read . I love all things Cheryl Strayed writes. Her prose is so sharp and compassionate and reading her makes me want to be a better writer. I may not agree with all her counsel in this collection, but she always makes me think.

Talk about things that make me what to be a better writer: Last month I also read , Mary Karr’s new book. Fifteen years ago I fell in love with Mary Karr’s poetry and she’s the reason I went to Syracuse. Reading this book was like reliving one of her classes. I felt a fresh longing to read great writers and make space for the kind of writing life I want to have. This is a book that will be reread and dog-eared, and I will come back to all those underlined words.


On the nightstand:

This year I’m a mentor through the amazing fellowship program at the . My mentee and I are working through some classic spiritual practices together. This month’s practice is Lectio Divina and I’m coming back to on the subject.

I’m part-way through Parker Palmer’s . I’m also partially into from Madeleine L’Engle and Luci Shaw, two writers I love. I’m not sure about this one so far, but I’m really interested in the idea of a book composed of letters between two people, so I’m hoping I’ll end up liking it.

One of my goals for this new school year (which I guess isn’t so new anymore) is to make poetry more of a priority in my life: both the writing and the reading. I currently have two books of poetry that I’m working my way through. I’m very excited about Dave Harrity’s new book of poems, . Dave’s previous book  is a combination of devotional meditations and writing exercises. I’m also reading Tania Runyan’s book of poems, . Runyan’s poetry is influenced by her faith and I’m really drawn to the way she’s working with Paul’s New Testament passages in some of her poems.


Oh, and did I mention Christmas is coming???

I’m trying to get our thankful tree up in my house, so we can continue our tradition of practicing gratitude in November. I’m only 6 days late, you guys. (Also I’m terribly uncrafty, so mine is not .)

And then it’s ADVENT. Woot Woot! In addition to the Rain for Roots children’s Advent album, I’m also super excited about these beautiful Advent and 12 Days of Christmas Devotional calendars, featuring meditations written by my friend . I just ordered mine yesterday.


Also, if your church is looking for any poetry to use in worship throughout Advent, here’s a collection of poems I wrote for a church several years ago. They’re available at .


What, dear readers, are you into these days? Leave a note in the comments!


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I’ve been reading Accepted do you have any advice for our readers on making the most writing paper look at this website of b-school

  • I did not know you were working with TFA! I am spending next weekend there with one of my students who is applying to the program. It’s lovely to know you’re connected there.

    Been thinking of you & the dumplings and kindness you brought us at the hospital just over a year ago. xoxo

  • I always enjoy reading what you are up to, Micha. After first enjoying the adorable picture of Ace, I zoomed in on your book stack because I saw some familiar friends, especially Let Your Life Speak. That one has been very meaningful to me since I first read it a few years ago; I frequently return to his chapters on the seasons of life. I also read Friends for the Journey very recently and was not as taken with it as I’d hoped: it felt a little dated and prettified — but the poetry (especially Luci Shaw’s) was worthwhile.
    I haven’t read Sarah Bessey’s new book yet; in fact I only just finished Jesus Feminist. Next in line is Brene Brown’s Rising Strong, and I just got a message that Nadia Bolz-Weber’s Accidental Saints is in for me at the library. So I have a good run of reading going right now. I’m going to check out the Cheryl Strayed book, too, since I found Wild very interesting.

  • I’m so glad you introduced me to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! Now we need to make everyone else watch it so it stays on much longer than Pushing Daisies and Ed. May those fine shows rest in peace until we finally get to watch them on DVD again.

  • Janet from FL

    I am going to check out a couple of the books you mention (The Art of memoir) and Friends for the Journey is intriguing. I am currently reading “The Christian Wallet” about how our spending should reflect our Christianity. I just finished Beth Moore’s new book “Audacious” and it was awesome! I loved the movie “War Room” starring Priscilla Shirer, and I told everybody I knew to go see it.

  • Deborah Spencer

    I’m reading your Advent poems . . . wonder! Such incredible images and ideas your poetry evokes. There are breathtaking pictures in my head that I’ve never seen before! Can’t wait to share these with our family as we celebrate Advent. Praying the Lord will bless you and your family in this holiday season.

  • Gwen Shipley

    Micha! “Star”…Just found it in your Advent poems. Reading it had the same effect on me as when I saw the ocean for the first time–inhaled sharply, a long “ohhhh,” Overwhelmed by expansive beauty, couldn’t look away. Doing a little blog research this morning…SO glad to find you. What a special place you’ve created. Love your work, your heart. Thanks for sharing. G.