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I am available to speak at gatherings and events, and am happy to share about any of the ideas I’m working through around here. These are some of my favorite topics:

    • Reimagining Prayer: What if God isn’t sitting around waiting for us to finally pray correctly? Perhaps we can approach prayer as less a thing to do and more a way of living life connected to the God-already-here.


    • Mothers and Identity: Whether it’s the career we let go of in order to stay home with our children, the hobby that defined us, or even the ability to be aware of needs outside our own homes, what might it mean to live as Christ’s beloved in the midst of the chaos of motherhood?


    • Practicing Contemplative Prayer: A series of talks introducing practical, ancient tools of the Christian faith to connect with God in new (old) ways.


    • Learning to live the Christian Year: Examining the frantic pace of our culture and the gift of the ancient church, how the pace of the Christian calendar allows us to walk through a purposeful, expansive, Spirit-filled everyday.


For more information on booking me for a speaking engagement, contact me!

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