One Last Moving Day Post

We’re moving today. Are you so sick of me saying that? Me too.

So, in honor of my mind and tasks being elsewhere, I’m giving you a hodgepodge of things I’m thinking about today:


The best things about eight weeks in two separate temporary homes:

  • August finally getting to experience his dream come true: Stairs in his house! (Too bad that only lasted 4 weeks).
  • Cable! Cable in both temporary homes! Or, as my kid calls it: Live TV
  • Being able to live in the cool part of Austin for a month before we moved
  • Experiencing other kinds of decorating styles and having to suck it up when you invite people over and they think this is really your taste. (It’s a practice in humility.)
  • Getting to try appliances I’ve never owned but wondered about. The Keurig? After a week, I put it away. Those little pods of coffee are crazy expensive and it doesn’t even taste that good.
  • The challenge of living without little places to store toys. Using a bin for a bookshelf and a bread basket for a cars container. A mixing bowl to hold little balls. You get the point.
  • Coming to love the coziness of letting your toddler sleep in a pack n’play in the closet. He loves his “bedroom,” even though Chris’ clothes are hanging over his head.
  • The renewed appreciation for home. For our couch! For our kitchen knives! For all of it. Especially my sweatshirts. I have really missed having my zip up hoodie. Why didn’t I pack that thing when it was 100 degrees out on August 30???


Also, I’m in love with Green Drink:

It’s a homemade smoothie created from fresh leafy greens and it will (might? could possibly?) change your life! I promise it tastes good. And I’m not just saying that.

The other good thing about it? Brooksie is such a fan. I usually mix it with apple sauce for him and call it “Green Monster Apple Sauce.” August has been convinced in the past, but he’s over it.

Here’s the recipe (as taken from my friend Jeff), if you want to try it:

Fill the blender halfway with fresh kale. Fill the other half with fresh spinach. Add a cup of Almond Milk. (I usually add a tablespoon more.) Blend. Add half a cucumber. Blend. Add a whole Granny Smith apple. Blend. Add a banana. Blend. Throw in 1 Tablespoon of Chia Seeds and 1 teaspoon of Agave Nectar. Blend. Add a couple of cups (or so) of ice. Blend. Get ready for your existence to alter! (Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but….)


A few blog posts I’ve loved…

I haven’t had a lot of writing time during this transition so writing has taken a lot of my reading time. But, there have been a few blog posts I’ve read lately that I really loved, and that need to be shared with you.

  • Tamara Murphy’s “Parenting Unrehearsed” series. Every one of the posts in this series is challenging me and encouraging me. And she gives me hope that one day, when my boys are 6 feet tall and have facial hair, there is the possibility that we will be an imperfect but deeply loving family. Her most recent post in the series was called “How to keep your kids from reading too many Bible verses.” I love her.
  • Erin Lane had a post recently at her blog Holy Hellions that spoke to me so loudly that I keep hearing her words every time I unload the diswasher: “That’s Good, Do it Again.” And really her words are God’s voice reminding me that this work I’m doing, this mundane life I’m living on repeat, is holy. And it’s an honor to do it again.
  • Addie Zierman’s “What I have to give.” Y’all know I love Addie. She always cuts quick, straight to my most vulnerable places. She always says what I needed someone to say for me. This one’s  just a gem.

Okay. I’m off to move. I won’t be around tomorrow but I’ll see you Monday. And then I promise not to move again for at least another year. (I’m kidding! Please tell me I’m kidding…)




Photo Credit: Pinterest via Rachel Good. From purlbee.com



  • Thanks for the mention friend. (PS. You were one of the people I was thinking of that I would just love to fly to and be with for a few days. Wish I could help you unpack your kitchen today!)

    • michaboyett

      I really could have used your help! : ) Someday…

  • Mark Allman

    I hope your move goes great Micha!

    • michaboyett

      Thank you, Mark!

  • Haley

    Best of luck on the move! Question about the smoothie: do you have to have a fancy blender or will any old blender do?

    • michaboyett

      Any blender will do. Thanks Haley!

  • Oh, Micah, thanks for your hospitality, giving me a comfy little seat in your blog post. Until we get to sit in each other’s actual living rooms again I’m so glad to welcome each other into our writing spaces. Praying for a settled, home-y autumn for you and your boys.

  • I pray your move goes smoothly and the transition is a blessing!

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