My Very Big Announcement: A Book Deal, Baby!

As of yesterday afternoon, when I mailed off some official papers with my scribbly-boy-signature on them, I am contracted to write two (Yes, Two!) books for over the next two years. I have the smartest and the loveliest agent in (at Books & Such Literary Agency) who has done more to help me to this point than I will probably ever know. I am deeply grateful for her.

I have run out of words for how I feel about it. I’m thrilled. I’m scared out of my mind. I’m certain someone will soon arrest me for being a complete fraud who can’t write a single word. I’m ecstatic. I’m Anne-Hathaway-dramatic (I keep wanting to hold up my computer and whisper: “It came true!”) I need to take a deep breath.

Tuesday, when I signed my contract, I felt like this.


And this.

 And a little bit like this.

Then we all celebrated like this.

My second book is a thought in a far-off land and if I try to reach for it, I can’t breathe. So let’s not talk about it right now.

My first book is tentatively titled The Mama Monk. It’s the book that I’ve been carrying around inside since I became a mother and I love it like it’s my sweet pretty baby. It’s the book that led me to write this blog.

Inspired by posts from my friends and , I’ve decided  to tell you about my book face to face (sort of). This is new for me so please forgive all my awkward moments, ums, and that little lip smack thing I seem to keep doing when I’m thinking deeply.

So grateful to celebrate this with you.

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  • I’ve tried to watch this video no less than three times already but keep getting pulled away! I’ll wait until I have 8 uninterrupted minutes later in the day to finish, but didn’t want a moment more to pass before passing on my biggest congratulations. I’ll be the first in line to buy the book(s)!

    • michaboyett

      Thank so much, friend. It’s wonderful to hear from you. I know how hard it is to even write a comment on a blog when the kids are calling your name. I’m grateful for your words, Campbell!

  • Oh Micah! I am so thrilled for you! I knew that this day would come! I can’t wait to journey with you on this path and to read your work.
    And your little video up there? I love everything about it…your head tilts, and lip smacking and furrowed brow and your all together realness. It just makes me love you all the more.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful news with us.

    • michaboyett

      Holly, thank you my dear! And thanks for liking my video. I think I had anxious dreams about it all last night. : )

  • Debbie Grace

    Warmest congratulations! I look forward to reading about how your writing journey goes and reading your book when it’s published. 🙂

    • michaboyett

      You are very kind, Debbie. I have a feeling my journey will involve a lot of my whining on this blog about how I can’t do it. And then being thankful that God still loves me when I whine. And that will basically be the book as well. : ) So grateful you’re willing to read.

  • Congrats, Micha. Wonderful news!

    • michaboyett

      Thank you, Shawn!

  • Gay Lynn Bonjour

    Congratulations!! So proud of you, and so happy for you! Not one bit surprised. Oh, and especially glad to see you taking time to ‘do the math’ in your video 🙂

    • michaboyett

      Ha! Best Math Teacher Ever. That’s as close as I ever get to Algebra, Gay Lynn. But your early morning tutoring help is never far away in my brain. Thank you so much for the sweet words.

  • I am beyond words thrilled for you! And to know you have a TWO book deal?!?! So amazing. I’m glad the publisher recognizes your awesomeness. I can’t wait to hold your book in my hands. I’ll be cheering you on the whole way and if there’s anything I can do to help, let me know!

    • michaboyett

      Leigh, you are the best. Thank you for cheering! And thank you for being consistently supportive. I’m grateful every time I see you here.

  • Sam

    I am so excited for you! And I loved your video and hearing your voice. Hooray! Now treat yourself to champagne and then, lots of coffee to fuel all that writing!

    • michaboyett

      Done and done. Thanks friend.

  • Micha, I am so happy for you and not surprised by this news at all. What great news!

    • michaboyett

      Mandy, so lovely to see you here. Thank you, my friend.

  • YIPPEE!!!!!

    • michaboyett

      Ms Debby Bellingham: there is no doubt you will be thanked in the acknowledgements for all those kleenexes I soaked through on your office couch. Grateful for you.

  • Congratulations on your book contract! I would (will) totally read (buy) your book (s). Please pretty please include some of your poems in the book too. And if you are wondering what to write for your dedication, you may want to consider some variant of this dedication I read on FB today: “To my wife and two children, without whom this book would have been finished two years earlier.”

    • michaboyett

      Ha! I love it. Thank you so much Jeannie!

  • Exciting news! I love the concept. You can do it!

    • michaboyett

      Thank you, Lisa.

  • Jennifer Day

    We are honored to be sharing this journey with you, Micha. Thanks for saying yes. Squeals of delight going up on this end too.

    • michaboyett

      Yay for squeals of delight! Grateful for you.

  • So excited for you Micha 🙂 Bless you as you seek the Lord’s words.

    • michaboyett

      Grateful for the blessing, Emily. Thank you.

  • Congrats, Micha! So so so excited for you!

    • michaboyett

      Katie, thank you for being here and celebrating.

  • Congratulations! I am so looking forward to reading, holding, opening, touching your book! I love books! I love that you will write a book! I think you are definitely a book writer Micha! Blessings on this new/old journey.

    • michaboyett

      I love that…this “new/old journey”! Thank you, Nancy. So grateful for your faithful presence around here and grateful for your kind words.

  • Angela G

    Congratulations Micha! I am not surprised at all and cannot wait to read your book! I am assuming I will need many tissues while reading….as your writing tends to have that affect on me. Loved your video…you are so pretty Micha and your spirit exudes!

    • michaboyett

      Angela, you are so kind. I’m honored that you want to read it! (And that you want to read my blog…even when I make you cry!) Thanks so much…

  • Christie A.

    So happy for you and looking forward to reading the book! Hugs!:)

    • michaboyett

      Thank you so much, Christie!

  • Delighted, proud, beaming & ecstatic for you!!

    • michaboyett

      Cara, you’re the coolest. Thanks friend.

  • Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting and fun. Such a neat journey to be able to see you walk through – from blog to book! Can we pre-order copies to help boost your morale as you write?!

    • michaboyett

      Rebecca, I promise to let you know as soon as you can pre-order copies! : ) Thank you.

  • Thrilled for you and can’t wait to see the book once it has been birthed! =) Blessings to you on your writing journey!

    • michaboyett

      Thanks so much, Helen.

  • Settle Monroe

    Congratulations Micha. I can’t wait to read your words!

    • michaboyett

      You too, Settle. Thanks.

  • I am incredibly happy to hear this! I have enjoyed your thougtful, godly, wisdom-filled posts ever since I found your original blog several years ago. I am very, very excited for you. Congrats & a big, big hug!!! xoxoxo

    • michaboyett

      Thanks for the hug, lady! And thanks for finding my blog back in the day. I’m grateful for you and your voice, Grace.

  • YAY!!!
    SOOOO thrilled for you – this is awesome news. I shall be there with my pom-poms, cheering you on. Double yay!

    • michaboyett

      Pom-Poms from Tanya! I love it. Thank you.

  • Eshet chayil! So so so happy! xoxo

    • michaboyett

      xoxo back at you, Ms Bessey. Grateful for you and your friendship.

  • I can’t WAIT to read your books and I’m absolutely thrilled for you. Cute photos too. 🙂

    • michaboyett

      Thank you so much Lesley!

  • Rachel

    Micha, how lovely to see you chatting to us! How exciting that we can get to hold a book by you.
    As you know i have just finished and been greatly influenced by the book Benedicitne spirituality
    so a testimony of its out working will i know be encouraging and inspiring.
    Look forward to that read.
    Delighted for you
    Rachel x

    • michaboyett

      Rachel, so encouraged to hear that. Was the book you read called “Benedictine Spirituality”? I’d love to know if there’s anything else I should be reading. Thanks for being here…

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  • Haley

    Huge congrats!! Loved the video. You’re so my people, Micha!

    • michaboyett

      I love that I’m your people! Let’s be real life friends sometime, okay? Thanks Haley.

  • Kate morgner

    Micha- so thrilled for you! Can’t wait to read it!

    • michaboyett

      Kate! Love seeing you here, lady! Thanks.

  • Trying to figure out the best ALL CAPS CELEBRATION PHRASE to add here and I’m too happy for you to think one up….they all sound too understated!!!!

    Seriously, I’ve got tears in my eyes reading your news. I’m really proud of you, Micha.


    • michaboyett

      Can’t say it enough, Tamara. Thanks for being my friend and celebrating with me. Andrea’s right. It’s your turn next. : )

  • CAQ

    You still owe me chapters :).
    I would just like to say: I never thought you would stop writing. You are a badarse. And your video made me cry (in a great way). Love, your heathen friend.

    • michaboyett

      CAQ, nothing makes me happier than seeing your heathen face on my blog. Especially when you call me a badarse. Chapters coming soon. (So hard to part with them!)

  • That’s awesome, Micha! I keep seeing Rachelle’s name pop up all over the place. She must know what she’s doing. 🙂 Can’t wait to read your words in print!

    • michaboyett

      She is the best, Matt. Thanks so much for being here and being excited for me, buddy!

  • I love this so so much.

    • michaboyett

      I’m glad you’re my friend, Addie Zierman.

  • Congrats! Beautiful, real life video. So appreciate it as a mom of 4 and soon to be empty-nester who has put writing on the back burner for years. Sounds like a wonderful book.

    • michaboyett

      Thank you very much, EA.

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  • “act like a monk for a year??” LOVE it. Congratulations, dear Micha. I so look forward to this book, to your journey, to whatever comes after “The Mama Monk.” It will all be good. All of it. (And I love the tag line – ‘walk thru this together.’ Yes, please.)

  • Cool! It was neat to finally hear your audible, rather than written, voice.

  • Jessica

    Hooray! I feel like this book has been coming since 7th grade:) I can’t wait to hear your story of freedom in grace. It is amazing to see your face and hear your voice. Your blogs continually push all of us (team PLC) forward as we live and work here. May your coming days/weeks/months of writing be filled with freedom, grace, and courage.

  • I want to give a hearty congratulations. I don’t know you, but have truly enjoyed your writing. I also wanted to pass on some information that might be helpful to you. There is a lovely little ecumenical bookstore in San Antonio, Texas called Viva that has a plethora of Benedictine resources that might help you in your research for your books. I used to be the manager there before moving to North Carolina. I am including the phone number and link. If you call them, ask for Carla. She is very knowledgeable about the topic! All the very best to you in your writing ventures!

  • WAHOOO! Micha, your words here were a rope to me when I was trying to reconcile the dailiness of life with little one and the great big dreams and the small still voice. I cannot wait to hold your words in my hands and share them with so many others. Celebrating with you today!

  • Brenda Trafton

    Micha…what LOVE you are to me and so many others! As I was celebrating with you in Spirit; my heart began reflecting on this little girl; so beautiful with almost white hair, with eyes that stole your heart, and a love of Jesus that overflowed and touched everyone you met. To call you author, wow, is such a blessing but to call you friend and sister; not only to this momma but her daughter too is doubly blessed! I will be praying for you, sweet one, and just remember when you are feeling overwhelmed; Abba Daddy is not surprised by this…He already knows the title of your next book and its content! May you always hold close, “Lord, you are Micha’s help, she sings in the shadow of Your wings. May her soul cling to You, Father as your right hands upholds her.”
    Psalm 63:7-8
    With a heart of Joy, Brenda
    p.s. How do I place my order?!?

  • This is very exciting news, Micha! I loved your video (you’re super adorable), and particularly loved hearing more of your story and how the book was born. May the Lord grant you anointing and joy as you pen for Him. Hugs!

  • Congratulations! Thank you for letting us share in your joy.