Let’s hop around the web today, okay?

I have a couple of pieces out in the world today. You can click around and see them. Cool? Cool.


One of the sweetest moments of meeting my sponsored child, Heydi, last September.


Some of you might remember that I had the opportunity to travel with World Vision to Guatemala back in September. On that trip I was overwhelmed by the beauty and power of the local, lifesaving work World Vision does in every part of this great big, beautiful world. (I wrote about it here.) Today, in honor of Mother’s Day, I’m over at the World Vision blog sharing about my relationship (thirteen years ago) with a little girl named Zawadi, and how she is the reason I believe in child sponsorships. I’d love for you to click here and join me over at World Vision today. 


Also, today I’m being interviewed over at Antler’s blog about my book Found and my writing process.

“I realize now that I wrote Found for all of us who can’t live up to extraordinary faith. I wrote it because once I discovered that God might like me despite my doubts and my prayer failings and my unremarkable life, I wanted to make sure all the rest of the ordinary people out there knew God liked them too.”

Click here to read the interview.


One more thing! There’ve been a couple of fantastic reviews of Found posted lately. If you’re new to my blog and are still wondering if my memoir might be worth picking up, I’m happy to send you over to this review published at Englewood Review of Books a couple of weeks ago. Also,  Kelly O’Dell Stanley posted a gentle, compassionate review of Found on her blog today. I’d love for you to take a peek at them if you have a moment.


Thanks and love from misty San Francisco. Grateful you’re here.