Holy Week / Holy Protest of Silence

Farm Garden with Crucifix, Gustav Klimt (1912, Austrian)

Farm Garden with Crucifix, Gustav Klimt (1912, Austrian)


This past week at the Festival of Faith and Writing, I picked up a book of poetry that is exploding my brain in all the best ways. Scott Cairns has taken the writings of the mystics and reworked them into a book of gorgeous poems called Endless Life.

The past two months have been ruthless on my time and my energy and I feel all used up.  I need some time to read and learn and be quiet for a bit. So I’m not going to be blogging this week. I’m going to rest in holy protest to this busy life! And I should (hopefully) be back next week, refreshed and with an Easter sort of energy. Sound good?

Until then, here are a some lines from from one of  Scott Cairns’ poems in that collection. I’m chewing on these words this week.


From “The Living Bread”

His holy body wholly mixed

with these our bodies, and His pure

blood poured generously out

to fill our veins…

 …All of Him

is mixed with all of us–


And this is later in the poem:


And Death—the insatiable lion

who consumed us all—by You alone

its appetite was sated, by You alone

its hold has burst, and we

rise strengthened, comforted, luminous.


Peace to you, friends. May you rise on Easter, luminous…

  • I wasn’t familiar with Scott Cairns before FFW (have I been living under a rock?!) but now I can’t get enough of his work.

    • michaboyett

      Seriously. I’ve only read a little bit of him. So you’ll have to fill me in on what you’re reading and what I should read…

  • I think post easter is a great time to try to relax and feel the resurrection. Good luck to you

    • michaboyett

      Thanks so much, Rebekah. It was a good rest.

  • pastordt

    I gotta get me some of that Scott Cairns! These are wonderful. Thank you!