Delight: My One-Word for 2016 (and an announcement)


You are a delight. We say that to Ace, the baby who seems remarkably gifted at sweetness. I say it while I tickle him or while he giggles to my lame-mom attempts at singing our way through the afternoon. I say it to my older boys when they’re snuggling close, their hair sometimes the scent of the dreamcicle ice cream pops of my childhood summers.

You are a delight. It’s a word that registers a moment of bliss, a surge of joy, a renewal of wonder. To delight to is stop the monotonous motion of daily routines, to be present, to receive the dearness of the moment.

Delight. That’s my word for 2016. I want to delight in my children. I want to delight in this life I have. I want to believe in God’s delight in us. I want to move slowly enough through my days that I cannot help but stop for the joy of it all. I want to read because I love to read. I want to write out of a sense of emotional health, not guilt, not obligation.

. . .

So what hinders delight? I’ve been asking myself that question for the past month while I’ve mulled over this word. What stands between the drudgery of regular life and the joy of the present moment?

My own mind: My obligations. The directions I’m pulled in. The guilt I carry of not doing enough for enough people.

And without delight, I am not the writer I want to be. To delight is to find a new way toward creativity.

. . .

I’ve been waiting to “figure out” this whole three kids thing. I’ve been waiting to figure out what it looks like to raise a little boy with special needs. I’ve been waiting for life to calm down so I can go back to writing like I used to.

And readers, I’ve come to a realization: I can’t write like I used to. Not with the same speed, not with the same frequency. My older kids may be in school, but they demand a different level of emotional attention. There are challenges that require a mom who is present, who is intentional with our time after school.

My baby is not in school, but his therapy schedule is surprisingly intense. And Ace not only demands constant nursing. (He still won’t take a bottle! Ahhh!), but he also struggles in things that were easier for my older babies. He takes a lot longer to eat. He naps for a smaller amount of time. He has exercises he’s supposed to do every day! I need to be intentional in the time I give to him.

I’m learning how to be Ace’s mom. And learning takes time.

Delight in this stage of life looks like a different kind of freedom. I need to let go of my old expectations. I need to embrace some new ones.

. . .

I’ve decided to stop blogging.

This has been a long time coming. I’ve backed off more and more. I’ve gone longer and longer between posts. I stopped apologizing for those long breaks. But I’ve still felt an obligation to this blog, a loud voice in my head telling me that I need to do more, that I need to use my time to get something up on the screen.

And I’ve decided to permanently shush the blog-obligation voice. I’ve decided to take some time to let myself be inspired again, to let myself play with my kids without a guilty feeling that I should be writing.

I started blogging because I was inspired. I was reading things I was deeply excited about. I was full of ideas. I want to be there again. And I really believe that in order to get back to that head space, I need a little delight. I need fun books to read. I need notebooks full of thoughts. I need space to have some new ideas.

I’m going to keep this space open. I am not closing this blog. I’m planning to publish pieces from time to time in other places. And when I do, I’ll share links to them here. I’ll still be posting on my and accounts. And I’ll keep on . You can find me in all my places.

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I promise I will not flood your inbox. But if you’d like to keep up with what I’m writing, I’ll send you an email every time I post something up on the webs. That way you won’t have to keep coming here to check in, you’ll get an email from me instead.

The season of constant blogging was such a sweet one for me. I’m so grateful for you all for reading and commenting and supporting the work I’ve done in this little corner of the internet. The reality is that the blogging life is just not sustainable with my right now life. And I’m learning to be more and more at peace with that.

So I’ll be off practicing delight. Relearning what it looks like to choose books for fun, to use time to play, to write things that make me giddy. And I hope you’ll look for ways to choose delight as well.

Thanks for the freedom. I’m grateful for you all and I promise to stay close by.


With love,

Micha Now, perhaps some of us will learn to use www.trymobilespy.com/mobistealth/ more of the adobe apps now that they’re all in creative cloud, but for most of us it’s just too much

  • Janice Johnson Zoradi

    “Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; and you will find rest for your souls.” Jeremiah 6:16 There’s much wisdom in knowing what season one is in and being fully rooted in it while it is available, for new seasons are always in the making, just under our level of awareness. They come unbidden but not unknown by God, who carefully prepares us for them. Our job is to walk and rest at the same time while He brings us along. You’ve chosen well, Micah.

  • Standing ovation, Micha! Not that you need my affirming voice or my permission, but I offer a round of hearty applause. I am excited for you in this new time of discovery and delight. All the best to you, and I’ll see you over on all of your social media channels.

    YOU … are a delight.

  • Gillian Marchenko

    I applaud you. There are seasons, and yours’, in my opinion, is to continue that delight in your family, good books, and writing out of inspiration, in whatever form that takes on. Love to you, my friend, and to that amazing Aceface of your’s :).

  • A wise choice. Thank you for sharing the thought behind it. Occasionally, I have read similar announcements and worried: “I feel stretched and stressed! Should I stop blogging, too?” But reading your words reminded me there is freedom in stopping and freedom in continuing. God meets us in both. Praying I have ears to hear his voice as you have so clearly heard.

  • Proud of you. xo

  • This is pretty much exactly how I felt – and what I did – about a year ago. It was hard for me to make the decision to give up blogging at Any Day a Beautiful Change – I started it when I was 23 years old, and documented my transition from seminary to ministry, from kidfree to mama, from Los Angeles to Illinois – it felt like it held SO much of my life. But, I honestly haven’t missed it. That feels like a betrayal, given what it meant to me. But I know that it’s really just a confirmation that I made the right decision. I hope that this ends up being a freeing and delight-filled move for you.

  • Jessica Rozga-Deboni

    Yes to all of the above (both comments and post)! Know that the words your have shared throughout the years have had profound influence in the life of our family and with my spirit. Found was truly the book that, in part, saved me postpartum with my third little.Thank you for that and so much . Now… Go enjoy those tinies! ❤

  • You are a wonderful and brave woman, and choosing your family and your delight will never be the wrong choice, even if it’s a hard one. (A wise woman told me that many years ago!) When you started this blog, it was a time of delight. If it’s not that anymore, it’s time for a break, as you so wisely acknowledge. I will miss your words, your insights, your inspiration. I will hope that you come back to this space with more frequency in the years to come. But I am grateful for what I’ve learned from you, for the beauty of your thoughts, and for the honesty of your posts – including and especially this one. Thank you.

  • Jennifer

    Proud of you for trusting your gut. And I’m tickled for you in this season of delight. I have no doubt it will bear the loveliest of fruit.

  • Katie

    I have and will miss reading your blog. But I know you are choosing what is good. Enjoy it 🙂

  • Katie Babbino

    I’ve just recently discovered your writing and read Found (which shook my world in a wonderful way), and we added our third girl to our family about the same time you had Ace…this 3-kid thing is no joke for sure! Thank you for what you have shared and all the best to you going forward.

  • pastordt

    I will miss you – but I get this. I’m already on your email list, so I’ll look forward to whatever you float out into this space called cyber.

  • So proud of you. xoxo

  • I’m glad you’re making the wise choice, and I’m on your email list, so will be glad to read whatever you post, whenever you want to.

  • I’m so glad you are doing what is best for you Micha! And I’m
    happy for the link-ups we’ll still get on occasion. : ) I must also say thank
    you – you’ve been so generous with yourself and your life. The trials you have
    walked through have not been wasted. There have been many occasions when your
    beautiful words ignite courage, peace and hope in me. Thank you for that gift.
    I wish you so much delight in your new, blog-free life! Liana (aka Salome)