Dear Parents of a Child with Special Needs (Revised and at TCW today!)

Monica Ayers Photography

Monica Ayers Photography

Several months ago of some things I had learned in my then six or so months of being the mom of a child with special needs.

Today that piece (revised and with some additional thoughts) is over at Today’s Christian Woman. You’d usually need a subscription to read the articles at TCW, but you’re special to me, so I’m giving you a top-secret link. Feel free to share. 🙂


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  • Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  • Anna

    Thank you Micha. The original version of this article deeply ministered to me and I appreciate the revised version too. While waiting to adopt our son we learned that he was struggling and he was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy and several other things related to a stroke he survived as a newborn. As a highly emotional person, dealing with the immense grief and the immense love that I feel for him has been my biggest challenge these past 4 years. Thank you for putting this out there. I’m now passing it to my friend whose newborn was just diagnosed with a chromosomal syndrome.

  • ma.josefina Sison

    Hi Micha, I just want to let you know that my brother Chet had Down Syndrome and that he lived to be 52 when doctors said that he won’t get past 18.He was able to live a normal life at home and in school. He was well-loved by all and he brought our family together. My mom died at the age of 91 and six months after Chet followed her. Chet was full of love and we miss him so much., He was a joy and a delight at home: putting things in order (he was orderly by nature) and being patient with us. Well, if he needed or wanted something he had to ask for it since he could not do it or get it by himself. He was full of life and loved to sing and dance. He got honors in school and all his teachers loved him.
    Your adventure has just began and your life will be blessed. Take care!